Pantone Skint Tone Guide STG 201



◦ 110 colors numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP
◦ Each color is identified by a unique PANTONE Number that represents both the tone and the undertone of the color
◦ Large-size swatch with central aperture for easy color evaluation and matching
◦ Reverse of swatch has mock perforation to allow color to be shared
◦ Digital values available in PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software
◦ Includes color index
◦ Colors were developed to present the best color match when evaluated under D65 (Daylight 6500K) lighting

◦ Wide and subtle range of human skin tones, for optimal inspiration and matching
◦ Provides a standard for communicating skin tones accurately across your workflow
◦ Large swatch with aperture makes visualization and matching easy and accurate
◦ Compatible with today’s digital workflows – colors easily updated in leading design applications

Tujuan Pengiriman

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